7 Problems with “Lazy Boy” Furniture

By FredrickHobbs

Prevention & Solutions

Lazy Boy has been a leader in North American furniture manufacturing and sales for nearly a century. You may be familiar with our recliner, but there is more to La-Z Boy than just recliners.

People often ask us in the Ottawa and Kingston stores, “Is there anything wrong with Lazy Boy furniture?” How can I ensure it is the right furniture for me? Furniture is an investment. Everyone wants to get the best value for their money. We understand this and want to ensure it.

We have been selling and servicing Lazy Boy furniture for over 20 years in Ottawa and Kingston. We know that there are problems. We’d like to address these concerns in this article so you’re informed before you buy.

When making a purchase decision, knowledge is power. Knowing what to do if you have a problem is your best defense.

1. Lazy Boy Furniture Isn’t Very Stylish?

Sometimes, our preconceptions can be the greatest barrier to achieving our goals. This is true even when furniture shopping is concerned. Since its inception, Lazy Boy has been associated with the “Recliner” just like Kleenex is synonymous with tissue. Many people associate La-Z-Boy with a large, bulky recliner. Our preconceptions can be a problem for clients who want a room that is stylish and comfortable. They can limit what is possible.

  • Lazy Boy Solution

Preconceptions can be avoided by becoming aware of your preferences and understanding why you like the things you do. Although we might not all be as self-aware, it is important to remain open-minded. It’s important that you take the time to look at all the options available when deciding what is best for your family and home. This is easier and more efficient than going to the store.

La-Z-Boy offers many styles of furniture from traditional to modern. Lazy Boy’s showrooms offer a wide range of styles and comfort levels. Most people are delighted when they visit a Lazy Boy showroom. Surprisingly, about half of our business involves custom-made furniture. Our client may love the frame and the sit, but would like to alter the fabric, pillows or nailhead trim. to make sure the piece fits perfectly with their style.

Lazy Boy furniture may not be for everyone. If you’re looking for ultra-modern furniture you’ll need to look elsewhere. Modern sofas and chairs have low backs and are very modern. They don’t support your body well and are uncomfortable for long sitting.

2. Lazy Boy Furniture Is Too Big for My Room

Problem number 1 is related to furniture size. It’s difficult to make ultra-comfortable furniture with a small frame. We have a variety of sizes, from large to small.

  • Solution

When shopping for furniture, the most important thing is to measure your space. Measurements are the best way to ensure everything fits perfectly.

Shopping for furniture can be misleading as showrooms often have larger spaces than your living space. You might not be able to fit the furniture in your home if it looks great in the showroom. If you don’t consider the space and flow requirements of the room, dimensions alone might not suffice.

Our interior design services are free. Our interior design specialists will visit your home to assess, measure, and determine your needs. Their designers can fit La-Z-Boy furniture in small spaces. You might be surprised at the room designs our designers can create in many Ottawa and Kingston homes.

For more information on furniture placement, check out our 8 Practical Tips to Place Furniture in Your Living Room.

*Frame: This is the most important building block of upholstery. It determines both the structural quality and comfort of the furniture.