By FredrickHobbs

Our range of products at CanvasDesign UK is ideal for gifts that express what you feel for a loved one. We have started a new product where you can send us your hard copy photos or negatives and we will scan it and print it on canvas for you. This new service is ideal for any old photographs that you might have at home.

So what makes it such a great gift? Consider this, if you have grandparents who are celebrating the golden jubilee of their wedding anniversary, what could be better than a canvas print of a photo of them from their wedding day? You could do the same thing for your parents as well. There are obviously no digital prints of such occasions but you can send us your hard copies. We will scan them and print them on canvas. You can even choose whether you want the canvas print in sepia, black and white or full colour. We promise to deliver a high quality product that can be a gift of great value and sentiment.


at CanvasDesign.co.uk we realise that not all our pictures are in digital format. Most of us have actual photographs from our childhood. Our parents and grandparents have their own photographs. We, at CanvasDesign UK, have decided to give our customers the opportunity to have such photos printed on canvas. Once you place your order on our website, all you have to do is mail us the photograph of your choice with the order number. You can even send us a 38mm negative if you don’t have the photograph. We scan them and digitally print them on canvas.

This is our very own unique product. We can enlarge the photo up to 20 times its actual size and fit it with a frame of your choice. There is also an option to have your photo printed in full colour, sepia or black and white. Our smallest size is 6″x6″ priced at £6.99 and our largest frame is 40″x40″ and comes at the price of £53.99 . This new service is special for the sentimental value the canvas might possess so we urge our customers to be quick to order their old photo on canvas.