Taco Mama: Times Two

By FredrickHobbs

Taco Mama has been a hot item on my Hot Springs bucket list for a while, but I only recently was able to visit the Mexican restaurant on Malvern Avenue. My Friday evening dinner on the patio was a great success. I even returned with my family the next day to get lunchtime takeout.

Interior Taco Mama

Although I’m still cautious about eating-in, I wanted to see the interior of Taco Mama before I went outside. It was warm and welcoming with a wood-rich bar that had everything you need, including a selection of tequilas. A table outside featured two large fans that were soon pointed at my sweat-beaded forehead. They, together with a “skinny”, margarita, kept me cool throughout dinner.

The margarita was a great accompaniment to the salsa and chips, and it served as a perfect precursor to my main course of Grilled Shrimp Puffy Tacos. These puffy tacos were something I’d been waiting to try for a long time. Because I did.

Taco Mama’s corn tortilla version

My experience with puffy tacos grew up in Texas. I was familiar with the soft flour varieties that puff up quickly after a quick fry. These are not the ones. Taco Mama’s corn tortilla version tastes and looks more like a thicker, denseer tostada. These puffy tacos, which were softer than the tostada shells, had a slight bend to them. They served as the perfect vehicle for me to eat succulent, grilled shrimp. Each puffy taco was enhanced by the accompanying cilantro lime rice and refried beans.

My daughters and two of their friends were eating fish tacos on flour tortillas at a table across the table. These tacos must have been just as delicious as mine. The same thing was ordered by them the next day. I chose the queso-drenched steak burrito which proved just as delicious as the puffy tacos the night before. Everything tastes better when it is soaked in cheese.

Taco Mama has been a staple in my Hot Springs restaurant rotation, thanks to back-to-back good experiences. Next time, I will be trying the Mexican Green Chile Cheeseburger that I have been hearing so much about. Here’s to hoping that I feel more comfortable dining in restaurants when I visit Taco Mama the next time. I can see myself enjoying a margarita at Taco Mama’s fine bar.

Did You Know?

Taco Mama offers a Saturday brunch from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. with dishes such as Huevos Rancheros and Mexican Street Corn Avocado Toast, Black Eyed Pea Burger, Shrimp & Creamy Cheese Grits, and Mexican Street Corn Avocado Toast.