Avion Travel Trailer

By FredrickHobbs

The classic silver Avion Travel Trailer campers are the most well-known and highly sought after by vintage camper lovers in the U.S.A. and around the globe.

History of Avion Travel Trailer

In 1955, the Avion Travel Trailer Coach Corporation founded Benton Harbor, Michigan. The first Avion campers were put into production. These lightweight, high-quality recreational vehicles quickly became a favorite choice for RV camping enthusiasts. In 1967, another manufacturing plant was established on the west coast in San Jacinto (California).

Ligon Enterprises, a Michigan-based company, bought Avion Coach Corporation in 1970. The company was then sold to Fleetwood Enterprises in California in 1976. Fleetwood manufactured silver Avions through the mid-1990s. The brand then changed to a more traditional camper-body style. Avions are no more in production.

Many vintage Avion campers still have their original design. Vintage Avion campers, with an aluminum exterior, are easy to recognize and draw attention wherever they go.

  • Becoming an Avion Owner
  • Classic American Avion Travel Trailer

It may take some time for you to find the right Avion Travel Trailer camper. You won’t find an Avion trailer that is in stock at a dealer and be able to pick the one you like. Before you begin looking, consider how far you’re willing to travel in order to buy an Avion. You will need to decide if you want a restored model or if it is possible to tackle a restoration of an old camper. If you’re looking for an Avion or in the middle of a restoration, it can be useful to get help from other Avion owners. There are many resources available about classic Avions including owners manuals, maintenance tips and restoration ideas. You can also find photos. Register to join the Avion Camping and Restoration discussion group online, where you can learn from and interact directly with other Avion owners.

Cade Club

Four years after the inception of Avion Travel Trailer Coach Corporation, the first organized group Avion owners left the company‚Äôs headquarters on what is now known as a “Travelcade”. A group of 25 people, eight campers and four guides trekked from Benton Harbor in Alaska with a group of Avion owners. This began a long tradition of group Avion owner excursions.

The Avion Travelcade Club was founded in 1961. To be eligible for membership, one must own an Avion motor vehicle. In just a few short years, many chapters were opened across the United States and Canada. The club was originally formed in the Avion Coach Corp. It became an independent nonprofit organization when it was founded in 1975.