I love “Meet Fresh” Grass Jelly Desserts

By FredrickHobbs

I love grass jelly desserts, and this place is Meet Fresh similar to Blackball. I still haven’t decided which ice grass jelly dessert I prefer. The lines were jammed on weekends when I visited. However, the lines move quickly and orders are processed very quickly. It’s a great place to meet friends and enjoy the spacious location at Lake Hills Bellevue. It’s possible to share the Pudding &Q Mochi Milk Shaved Ice with 3-4 people, as it is quite large. It was delicious! I enjoyed it all, but I am not a huge fan of almond puddings. However, the consistency is excellent. I would definitely return to this place again for my dessert fix.

We tried the Meet Fresh hot rice ball tofu pudding and the milk tea with grass jelly during our most recent visit to this dessert spot. The Tofu Pudding was not too sweet and was a great choice for cold days. Although the Milk Tea was a little too sweet, the grass jelly balanced it.

Meet Fresh’s Jasmine MilkĀ 

Tea was my first experience with it. It is undoubtedly one of their best milk teas. It was delicious in jasmine tea and in milk. I will definitely purchase this product again.

I tried the Strawberry Smoothie first time, and it was delicious. It tasted like real strawberries and was refreshing to drink. The only problem I had was mixing the creama from the top. It was difficult to do so, and it didn’t taste as good. Purple Rice w/ milk tea was not my favorite. It tasted almost like rice porridge.

Meet Fresh provided us with small bites of Mung Bean Cake and Peanut/Sesame Mochi Balls as a freebie after our recent purchase. The Mung Bean Cakes were great, but the mochi balls weren’t as good. These small bites would be more appreciated by those with older taste buds because of their consistency and taste.

Meet Fresh Winter Melon

You can try their Meet Fresh Winter Melon Tea Lines and the original winter Melon Tea. No frills is the best way to enjoy your drink. Although the grass jelly pair does not add much to the drink, it is a nice option if you are craving grass jelly. However, the lemon alters the flavor of the tea and I would not recommend it. It was too sweet for my liking.

Meet Fresh is a Branch

Another fine addition to Haymarket’s dining scene, this time just in time for summer – the third branch opening in less that a month! Meet Fresh is a branch that is found all over Taiwan. However, the Sydney branch is the first to open in Australia. This reflects the fast-changing and adventurous palates and the dietary needs of both students and locals. Opening week saw long queues daily – but don’t be daunted, it moves quite quickly.Meet Fresh

It is located at the corner of Chinatown’s main drag (corner of Harbour and Liverpool streets), near Mamak. This place is known for its taro pearls. You can have syrupy bases of shaved Ice topped with many Asian specialties like Azuki beans and mung beans. Both can be served cold or hot.

Sweet potato pearls can also be paired with the famous taro pearls. The sweet potato/taro is steamed and rolled in glutinous rice flour. It’s then served with syrup. My pearls were slightly too chewy for my liking and not sweet enough.

Shaved Ice, Pearls, Beans, and Taro/sweet Potato Pearls with Azuki Beans at the Back – refreshing summer’s treat. You can’t even eat lunch before you have these bowls!

This is the classic herbal dessert. Do not be fooled by the “herbal-like” description. Have you ever had grass jelly? It’s just like that.

It’s a bed of finely shaved, sand-like ice. The pearls are covered in grass jelly. Additional toppings cost $0.60 each. It costs $5.50 each. After my lunch, I felt so full. Next time, I will know if to share or go empty-handed! Can’t wait for the next Haymarket event!