Flashcard & “Cursive F” Worksheet

By FredrickHobbs

These printable cursive letter worksheets will help you practice cursive F letters. The printable worksheets have ample space to practice cursive writing, both in uppercase and lowercase letters. This will help you improve your muscle memory.

A simple Cursive F alphabet flashcard was also included. It features the letter F! We also included a simple Cursive F alphabet flashcard featuring the letter F!

Although school schedules and curriculums may differ, Cursive F handwriting skills can be taught to older children in the third grade. This is usually when students older than 8 are learning. Although cursive education is not required by international standards or common core standards, many schools, states and curriculums see cursive handwriting as an important skill and include it in their educational programs.

These practice pages and flashcards for cursive letters will be published a-z. So keep an eye out for the next letter! All our handwriting practice worksheets can be accessed by clicking here. This letter is F.

These cursive handwriting worksheets are available for download and printing. They will help students learn cursive capital formation and lower-case letter formation in a hands-on learning environment.

Letter Flash Card

The first page of our free worksheets features a flashcard that uses the letter F. Follow the numbers to make the correct letter shape.

Upper Case Letter Cursive F 

  • These are the steps that you need to make a cursive capital F.
  • Draw a line above the dotted line. Draw a curve on the top line.
  • Draw a line between the lines and add a curve at the end.

Lower Case Letter F

  • You can trace the example letters to create a Cursive lowercase F by following the steps:
  • Draw a loop along the dotted line. Draw another loop at its bottom.
  • Add a curve loop to the end of the line.

Cursive Letter F Tracing Practice

  • The second page of these Cursive Writing worksheets includes 6 practice handwriting lines.
  • The first six lines serve to trace the letter.
  • 2 lines to trace the capital letter in cursive
  • 2 lines to trace the cursive lowercase letter
  • To learn cursive writing by yourself, you can use 2 lines
  • You can find the letter f. by playing the fun letter identification game at the bottom.