Leadership Skill Development – Embracing Humility

By FredrickHobbs

When we hear the word humbleness we don’t think of leadership. We view leadership as authoritative, as somebody who needs to be served. However, true leadership is serving those who are following you. It’s holding a high-level of integrity. It’s the ability to form creative relationships with the people that are following you. This can only be accomplished by embracing humility and seeking God’s strength to continue on despite the challenges that will come your way.

Leaders go through a period of severe challenges during their leadership journey. It’s during this period that God begins to shape the person into who he or she needs to be to carry out the task in front of them. Leaders are great at problem solving; their innovation ability allows them to make the best decisions possible at the worst possible time. It’s easier for a person to avoid challenges in life but this person will never go beyond their current level of influence (if they have any at all). Leaders understand that when God orchestrates a leaders life divine-promotion will never be replaced by self-promotion. Leaders who exalt themselves will only find their fall much harder. I received a call from a guy last month who was one of those people who bragged about how big they were and I was immediately turned off. Leaders have a spirit of love, gentleness and goodness and it shows not by what they say but how they carry themselves on a daily basis.

As leaders we must view everything from an eternal perspective. It’s only when we do this that we allow God to work in and through our lives in order to move us to the next level. The process isn’t easy, it’s going to take perseverance, meekness, temperance, faith, joy and confidence in order for a leader to truly develop the skill of humility.

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