Typical Social Skills Development For Toddlers (12-24 Months)

By FredrickHobbs

Many times parents are concerned with how a typical toddler is supposed to socially develop. Often times, parents are unaware of the how their 12-24 month old’s social skills are “supposed” to develop. The aim of this article is to let parents know the typical social skills developments of a healthy toddler (12-24 month old).

In terms of the new toddlers social skill development there are some clear trends that become by this age. Some of the attributes that become apparent include the following:

Children start to become less wary of strangers. He or she will enjoy playing by themselves and enjoys the companionship others, but probably will not play cooperatively.

The child will start to recognize him or herself in the mirror. The child starts to become more independent, however the child will check to make sure that parents are near. The child will feel comfort checking and seeing them visually, even if the parent isn’t right next to the child

During this time the child also begins to assert independence; often refuses to cooperate with daily routines that once were enjoyable; resists getting dressed, putting on shoes, eating, taking a bath; wants to try doing things without help. He or she may have a tantrum when things go wrong or if overly tired or frustrated.

Lastly, the child becomes exceedingly curious about people and his or her surroundings; toddlers need to be watched carefully to prevent them from getting into unsafe situations.

These are some of the many things your toddler will begin to master in terms of social skills development. If you find that your child isn’t doing these some of the things, do not jump to irrational conclusions. Children do develop at different rates based on age and gender…when in doubt consult with your pediatrician.

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