Typical Cognitive Skills Development For Toddlers (12-24 Months)

By FredrickHobbs

Many times parents are concerned with how a typical toddler is supposed to develop cognitively. Often times, parents are unaware of the how their 12-24 month old’s cognitive skills are “supposed” to develop.

The aim of this article is to let parents know the typical cognitive developments of a healthy toddler (12-24 month old).

In terms of the new toddlers cognitive skill development there are some clear trends that become by this age. Some of the attributes that become apparent include the following:

The child will enjoy hiding various objects. Early in this period, the child always searches in the same location for a hidden object. Later, the child will search in several locations.

One extremely important neurological develop will be that the child will start to pass toys from one hand to the other. This is referred to as “crossing the midline. By this time the toddler is about to manage several objects and have the ability to place them in different locations when presented with a new toy.

During this time period in the toddler’s life he or she is able to name many everyday objects. He or she will show an increasing understanding of spatial cues. The child will even begin to attempt to make mechanical objects work after watching someone else do so.

Finally toddlers around this age will respond to facial movements; however he or she can not truly imitate an exact facial expression until later.

As always, it’s nice to check with articles and it’s nice to be informed about your child’s cognitive skill development. But remember, these are articles concerning typical development and your child may not fit into that category.

Don’t diagnose your child with an article on the Internet, talk to a qualified doctor or check with your pediatrician first, and realize that your child’s cognitive development will be on his or her own rate.

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