What Are Human Rights? They Are For Sure Not Human Needs Or Wants (But They Are a Necessity)

By FredrickHobbs

Human rights. We hear about them argued about, whispered about, more laws being made that we do not understand, screamed about and everything else. But what should they be? What should they come down to? How should we live? I can put the answer into one or two words, but before I do, here is this article. We scream about freedom. But due to human nature needing to grow from “zero” to evolved, all of that freedom and the like needs to be earned, let us face it. So, let me give the two words and then explain myself: We should all live by honesty and reality. Those two words are seriously what it all comes down to, honesty and reality. All else is just useless commentary. If you admit that it all comes down to those two words, then human rights disappear as fully earned and self evident for everyone. Think about it. The more you or anyone wants to destroy, steal or get away with, the more laws you or anyone needs to control you and “make you do right.” But the more genuine right you want to do, the less subjective and controlling laws you need to run your life.

If you are able to do right yourself, the less subjective laws you need made to control your behavior, and all you need to live by are those two objective words, honesty and reality. I know in some quarters, like the traditional political areas and most traditional religious areas, I would sound a little “crazy.” But the ultimate sanity is simplicity and directness in that area when you think about it. Genuine insanity is all of the laws we have “running our lives” without our thinking effort and ultimately to our destruction. I will put it this way:

If you can do right on your own, all you need is those two words called “honesty and reality” as law. Because you are sane, and law needs to be simple when you are sane. Law needs to be complicated and complex only when you habitually break them and are actively destructive in an initiatory way. Sure, that may not sound intellectually exciting, complex and brilliant, but it is good, beyond sound reasoning, which is my goal. So, listen:

My goal is not intellectual brilliance or exciting sound “nothing,” but it is to paint a realistic portrait of how to live good, sane and realistically and not just sound enough to “get away with it” like most law and psychology “patches you up” to be or puts society together quickly and fearfully to be. Live in courage and courage will live in you. Live with care, and you will ultimately have things work. Live with no care, and fear effort, and you get the society we live in. I am not saying I am perfect, I am telling you what I have learned the hard way in life as it is now. Sure, I eternally live what I say and I eternally say what I mean. But like anyone conscious, I have genuinely grown up from intellectual babyhood back in the day to full grown man of understanding and acting on that understanding. So, like I said, when you are in intellectual childhood, you need more rules and laws to govern your behavior, because of elemental wrongness. As you grow up, “the training wheels come off” and you can do it all in a right and safe way without breaking rules or cutting corners. I know, because when push comes to shove, I live honesty by the simple law of what is real is real, nothing else exists and I will follow that rule to the letter. Indeed, real human rights are earned and self created through rational actions, not given. This article ends here.