Turning Your Bedroom Into a Hotel Sanctuary

By FredrickHobbs

Have you ever wished that you could stay in the same five-star hotel room for all your life? It’s possible by design. These tips will help you transform your bedroom into a luxury hotel sanctuary.


Your bedroom should be decluttered

Each item in a hotel room serves a purpose. Decluttering your bedroom can help you get started on your bedroom makeover. Donate or throw away anything that you don’t use. Use storage containers to store what you do not need and organize your bathroom counter and nightstand with trays.


Keep your room tidy. When you are able to enter your room without having to step on shoes or make a bed, you will feel more at ease.


Use a neutral palette

These neutral colours, such as whites, creams and beiges, lend a serene, calming feel to spaces. It’s no surprise that hotels use these colours. You don’t have to avoid colour completely just because you choose a neutral palette. For a touch of color, accent with bright colors or use muted shades like a barely discernible shade of blue.


Rethink your bedroom furniture

Take note of the furniture when you next stay at a hotel. You can rest comfortably on the bed, which is usually made of high-quality materials. The matching nightstands are at the same height as the bed, or just an inch below it. And the rest of furniture is usually larger than the ones most people have in their bedrooms.


Follow the example of your favorite hotel. As much as you can afford, spend on quality, substantial pieces. You can upgrade your mattress or add a plush topper to make it more comfortable.


Your bed deserves the luxurious treatment

Begin with your bedsheets. You want to buy the most luxurious sheets that you can afford. They should feel soft and luxurious on your skin. White sheets are preferred by hotels because they give off a feeling of cleanliness. They can also be bleached. For extra warmth and texture, you can add a throw to the foot of your bed. You can finish the look with at least three different sizes of pillows: one large, one standard, and two small decorative ones.


You want to take luxury one step further? Use a light-scented fabric spray to spray your sheets. Some scents, like lavender, may even help you get a better night’s sleep.


Use multiple light sources

Each hotel room has multiple light sources. These can be overhead fixtures such as chandeliers or tabletop lamps, or freestanding lamps. Many of these light sources are dimmers, or provide more than one level. Consider the purpose of existing lights before adding more. How much coverage are you missing? Are you using a reading lamp above your bed? How about a bright light at the desk? Add.


Morning light is important

You can still sleep in hotel rooms because the curtains completely block out any outside light. Combining sheer curtains with a blackout sheet is the key to achieving this effect at home.


This is personal preference. Some people prefer natural light. You can skip this option if that is the case.


Hang mirrors in your bedroom

Did you know that a hotel room can have as many as ten mirrors? A large mirror will be found in the bathroom, usually with a magnifying or smaller mirror. You will usually find at least one mirror that is head-to-toe on the back of your door. This allows you to check your appearance before you leave. To make your bedroom appear larger, you can add additional mirrors.


You can also hang an additional mirror if your bedroom is large enough to accommodate it.


Roll a plush rug

A plush area rug is a good option if you don’t have a thick carpet that you can sink your toes in when you wake up each morning. While wool and cotton rugs are great choices, any soft and comfortable rug will work. Avoid sisal, bamboo, and other hard materials.


To give you enough space to move around on your own, the rug should be at least 20 inches longer than the bed on all sides. This is not the look you want. You can also purchase extra-comfy slippers that you’ll love to keep next to your bed each night.


Get towels!

Your bathroom is an extension to your bedroom. Your bathroom should feel luxurious and luxurious. White is the best colour for sheets because it looks clean and fresh. However, you might want to keep a few dark-colored washcloths on hand in case you need them.


To give your towels an extra touch of luxury, spray them with a fabric spray. It is a good idea to buy at least three to four towels per person, rather than just one or two to pass around to family members.


Infuse your bedroom with a pleasant scent

Although you may not have noticed it, most luxury hotels have a signature fragrance. It scents your lobby, your room and your pillows. You can do the same for yourself. Fresh flowers can be added with delicate scents such as roses or candles with natural scents such as citrus and sandalwood.


You shouldn’t let the aroma overwhelm you and there shouldn’t be competing scents.