The UN’s Declaration of Human Rights – Critique

By FredrickHobbs

The United Nation was created after WWII and obviously after the failures of the League of Nations, it made sense to pay attention as to not repeat history or allow such ruthless totalitarian regimes and nation-states from doing what was done in the past period. The UN using their declaration of human rights hopes to limit such power of nations overpowering their populations to do the unthinkable to their own people and the people of other nations. This makes sense right?

Sure, and many other nations merely give it a wink-wink. Further, I often question the philosophy of “human rights” myself, as more and more “rights” are assumed, demanded, and felt entitled. That phrase is used inappropriately most of the time, as is the word “sustainability” – they’ve all become buzz-words, they mean nothing now. The UN although they have such a declaration, they don’t have any teeth, and if they did, then they would become totalitarian in their own right, enforcing their will onto the rights of others, other leaders, and other nations. So, we need to be weary of such. If not, we all live in hypocrisy with the UN at that point, see?

My acquaintance suggests that we need to think of ourselves as part of humanity, not individuals if we are to get any real progress for humankind, but I would challenge that. You see, I disagree. It really appears we are trying to brainwash people into believing that now, and it’s not working very well. If everyone gives up self for the whole, then the whole will be weak without any strong links in the chain.

Further, pigeons flock, eagles soar. Herd mentality is dangerous, problematic. Humans doing what is in their personal best interest will cooperate when it serves them, they shouldn’t have their freedoms eliminated and be forced to participate in group think, after all, most of the challenges of mankind have been through organizations; bad governments, bad religion, the stupidity of committees, etc.

To suggest somehow that human rights includes the domestication of all humans on the planet by way of socialist technique to give them stuff until they are so helpless they cannot help themselves is utterly ridiculous. It makes no sense, and there’s no wisdom involved in such activity. And that certainly is not sustainable, and will never work long-term.

If the United Nations thinks it has the mandate to propose such a strategy on all nations of the world, then it is no longer needed, because it is going in the wrong direction and could be the catalyst for an unthinkable WWIII. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.