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Home Maintenance Quick Tip – Tree Trimming Season

Trees and Your Home Real estate agents love trees. Trees...

12 Tips for Tree Pruning Success

Don't like pruning? Don't plant evergreens near overhead lines. Instead,...

You Pay Less for Remodel Supplies

You Pay Less for Remodel Supplies All of us want...

Find Happiness – Self-Improvement Skills Develop Self-Esteem – Change Your Life and Find Happiness

You might find happiness with self-improvement skills that help you develop self-esteem. I talk about how it’s possible to change your life in this exposition.

There are practical scientific methods that will help you build security, develop self-esteem, and even help you make money. They’re based on ideals of ancient Greek philosophers. A major theme that Aristotle advocated was that the main purpose of mankind is to find happiness.

Aristotle believed you must master your life by taking action, rather than just talking about doing something. This is profound if you want to change your life. There are certain self-improvement skills that’ll change your mannerism. By doing so, you can help yourself develop self-esteem, improve your life, make money, and find happiness; rather than merely wishing that you could make money and find happiness.

Aristotle (384 BC – 322 BC), the philosopher of ancient Greece, is credited with a twelve book volume, which scholars refer to as Aristotle Ethics.

He had a tremendous influence on Western culture, as we know it today. Aristotle was a student of Plato, who was mentored by Socrates. Aristotle taught many well-known individuals, including Alexander the Great.

He wrote about diverse subjects including:

  • Fundamental Physics
  • Logic
  • Metaphysics
  • Politics science,
  • Fundamental Rhetorics (persuasion)
  • Poetry (including theater)
  • Ethics
  • Fundamental Government
  • Zoology
  • Biological science

Aristotle individually had a major impact on Western culture. He was among some of the most influential ancient Greek philosophers, including Socrates and Plato. They helped change Greek philosophy, as it was before the advent of Socrates, into fundamentals ideas used in Western culture today.

Aristotle is credited by many researchers with founding two of the most significant schools of ancient Greek philosophical science. Others consider many schools of thought, which have been credited to Aristotle, to be the established concretization and expansion of Plato’s insights. In either case, it is indisputable that Aristotle’s work had a major impact on Western culture.

Aristotle delineated what is usually called virtue ethics. He also wrote several dissertations on the subject of ethics. Aristotle felt that principled knowledge isn’t irrefutable knowledge, as it is with the subjects of mathematics and physics; but rather it’s information that the general population brings into play.

His philosophy was that virtue correlates with the purpose of man. He made an allegory of mankind to the eye, which is only an effective eye as long as it can see; because the main, irrefutable purpose of an eye is for sight.

Aristotle’s comparison was that the underlying principled reason for the existence of mankind is similar to that of the eye; in that we must find purpose in life, which is uncommon to any other entity in the universe.

Mankind’s purpose, he intellectualized, is that each person must have activity of the soul in order to be effective individual; just like the eye is for vision.

There’s ample evidence that can take control of your subconscious thoughts so that you’ll ultimately determine how others think about you. You can act and react the way you want to behave without having to consciously think about it, simply by controlling your subconscious thoughts.

Aristotle identified the optimum activity of the soul as eudemonia, which is a feeling of well-being or happiness.

Happiness depends upon ourselves. Aristotle

Eudemonia is joy and bliss, which permeates your existence with a good life. Concisely stated, among various people and situations there exists a golden mean related to two vices – one downfall is excess and the other is poverty.

There’s a way to prevent your self from falling into the pitfall of those two vices.

Self-Improvement Skills Develop Self-Esteem

The best way, of which I am aware, to find happiness in your life is to use self-improvement skills designed to develop self-esteem as well as other ethical personality traits. Consistently apply self-improvement skills, which help you change your thoughts from negative to positive thinking by conditioning your subconscious mind.

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Thank you,

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