How to make the perfect garden space to house your children

By FredrickHobbs

It is becoming increasingly difficult for young adults and their families to leave the nest and move into their own homes. This means that more families need more space in their home to accommodate their older kids. Garden rooms are popular options for households with limited space as they can be built in 15-20 days and do not usually need planning permission. We receive between 40-50 percent of all inquiries from parents seeking extra space as their children grow older and need more independence. Modern Garden Rooms are gorgeous, hand-crafted, modern garden rooms gardens, garden offices, garden studios and custom-designed outdoor garden buildings to be used all year round. All over the UK.

To make the most of your extra space, you need to consider the features of your garden room when designing it. This includes:

External appearance and feel
People often focus on the interior of their Garden Office Pod and forget about the outside. It is important for homeowners to think about how the garden will look from the outside and how it fits into their garden. The finished room will be visible from the home. It is unlikely that anyone would want to see a box that is starkly different from the rest of their garden.

Temperature control and ventilation

To create light and airy spaces, most people prefer to have multiple windows in their garden rooms. This can lead to a hot room in summer if you don’t plan well. You should include opening windows to allow for airflow.

Bi-folding doors are also an option. They can be opened directly to the garden, giving the illusion of a large space. This not only changes the appearance of the room, but it also allows for more flexibility. This is especially useful when entertaining, as it allows you to offer alfresco dining.

How to choose your utilities

It might not be the most exciting aspect of designing, but it is crucial to think about the location of sockets, heating, and lighting. This will impact the placement of furniture.

Spotlights are very common and I recommend LED lighting. This will not only prevent your garden from becoming too hot, but also save you a lot of money on your energy bills.

You can create a multifunctional space.

Garden rooms built to last are quality. We recommend you think about how they will be used over the long-term and how it may change as time goes by. Although you may need the space to house your grown children right now, it could be used as a guest room, home gym, or as a place for a hobby like painting in the future.

Garden rooms add on average PS30,000 to property values. It is worth noting that creating a space that appeals to future owners can help you attract buyers when it comes time to sell.

Homeowners have the option to design a room entirely from scratch, which allows them to incorporate all of their desired features and finishes into a space that is not practical for a renovation or re-model.

Although many of our designs are subject to multiple iterations before they are finalized, it is well worth the effort to refine the final design and create a space that will be enjoyed for many years.