4 Reasons Why Homeowners with Health Problems Should Invest in Monthly Dry Fogging COVID cleaning Services

By FredrickHobbs

If you or a loved one have health problems, such as respiratory issues, a compromised immune system, or cancer, then you know all too well the importance of keeping a clean home with clean air. Unfortunately, bacteria, germs, pathogens and viruses can easily enter one’s living space without you being any wiser. Now more than ever, in light of COVID, homeowners living with loved ones who have health problems are urgently trying to keep their home clean, so they will hire COVID cleaners to come every week. However, traditional COVID cleaning services do not kill every remnant of COVID, if it exists in your home. Only COVID cleaning services using dry fogging can guarantee that all COVID is killed off, and this article will explain why it is the best solution for your home.

  1. Only COVID Cleaning Services using Dry Fogging Kills 100% of the Virus

Traditional COVID cleaning services require a team to use special fluids to wipe down surfaces. However, once the COVID virus has been introduced into a home, it can remain airborne, float into ventilation units, cling to the ceiling, and even go into the folds of your furniture. These are areas that can’t be wiped down, so COVID will remain. However, dry fogging goes everywhere COVID does, and kills it on the spot.

  1. Dry Fogging

    COVID Cleaning Leaves Your Home as Sterile as a Medical Clean Room

Just how clean is that? A medical clean room is a controlled environment where airborne microbes, dust, bacteria, viruses, mold and aerosol particles are filtered out leaving a room as clean as any space can get. Medical clean rooms are used for manufacturing pharmaceutical products and medical equipment, as the highest standards of cleanliness are required at all times. Now imagine your home or workplace being this clean. With COVID cleaning services using dry fogging, it can be.

  1. Dry Fogging is Fast and Requires Zero Strenuous Preparation

When deep cleaning services are performed, all electronics equipment and furniture must be removed. However, since dry fogging has no moisture, you don’t need to spend several back-breaking hours removing and replacing items, or pay a crew to do this. When a COVID cleaning provider shows up with dry fogging equipment, a fog is sprayed into the home, leaving all of your belongings in the same condition they were prior to arrival.

  1. With COVID Cleaning Dry Fog Services, there is No Long Wait

One of the most annoying aspects of traditional COVID cleaning is a mix of the long time it takes for the crew to finish cleaning, and in some cases you have to wait several hours before you can go inside because carpets are damp. However, with dry fogging COVID cleaning it takes a single person less than 30 minutes to clean a standard 2500 square foot home, and homeowners are able to return indoors as soon as the COVID cleaning company leaves. There is no waiting, and you don’t have to reschedule your day to accommodate the cleaners.

Perform a Google Search for COVID Cleaning Dry Fogging Companies Today, and Have Peace of Mind

If you have a loved one with health problems, you and that person will rest assured knowing the home is as sterile as a medical clean room thanks to dry fogging COVID cleaning services. COVID cleaning companies like Titan Dry Fogging can give you a free estimate and begin the short process immediately, leaving you and your loved ones in a healthy, safe environment. With COVID-19 branching off into new variants, and people coming and going in and out of your home, now is the time to invest in dry fogging COVID cleaning. After all, the health and safety of your loved ones is the most important thing you can invest in.