Home Maintenance Quick Tip – Tree Trimming Season

By FredrickHobbs

Trees and Your Home

Real estate agents love trees. Trees can increase property values and make neighborhoods more walkable. Research shows that people drive slower on streets lined with trees, which is safer for the neighborhood and makes it more calm.

As a Tree San Diego volunteer tree-steward, I support tree installations throughout San Diego County. Trees help improve air quality, watershed health, wildlife conservation, and beautify neighborhoods. A well-placed tree can cool your home in summer, which will lower your utility bills.

I encourage homeowners and landowners to plant more trees. The last 30 years have seen significant tree loss in San Diego County. Although the land was graded and developed it wasn’t properly landscaped. Many San Diego County neighborhoods are home to very few trees. Many people also believe that palms are not as beneficial as larger trees.

Home Maintenance & Tree Trimming

In my article, Fireproofing Your Property, I highlight the importance and benefits of shrub pruning and tree trimming to protect your home against wildfire. Tree trimming can be beneficial for trees and provide shade for your home.

To achieve the best results and to not violate the law, it is best to schedule tree trimming in dormant seasons, fall and winter. Tree trimming during spring or early summer could cause irreparable damage to trees, and even threaten nesting birds.

What is Dormant Season and how can I identify it?

Dormant seasons in San Diego County typically fall between October and February. This is the best season to prune trees. This is the best time to schedule your annual tree trimming.

Do I need to wait until the trees are in their dormant seasons for tree trimming?

Here are some reasons not to wait until spring to trim your trees. Source: Project Wild, a San Diego nonĀ­profit organization.

  • It Keeps Trees Health. Trees are more at risk for pests and diseases when they are actively grown. There are less pests in the fall/winter months and trees are naturally more resistant when they are not actively growing.
  • It keeps nesting birds safe. Large raptor nests may be visible but most bird nests are small and easily damaged by tree trimming. Camouflage is a common feature of songbird nests. The nests are camouflaged even though the tree trimmer doesn’t directly damage them. However, tree trimming noises can also cause disturbances in nests nearby.
  • Disturbing a Nest is Illegal. Birds as well as active nests are protected under the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act. California Department of Fish & Game code 3503, 3503.5, prohibits cutting down or disturbing active nests. The U.S. Fish & Game Service and California Department of Fish & Game both have the authority to issue citations. The Fish & Wildlife Service can issue citations or levy fines for individuals and companies who blatantly violate the regulations.

5 Tips to Make Tree Removal Safe and Effective

Tree removal is not something arborists would recommend as a last resort. However, it is sometimes necessary to maintain the tree’s health. It is important to hire tree removal professionals. It’s important to understand that removing trees is much more than just using a chainsaw. You also need to be able estimate the location where the tree will fall after cutting it. This is a difficult process and professionals are needed to protect the property and ensure safety. Learn the essentials of tree removal.

Here are 5 Tips for Safe Tree Removing

Examine the Tree Carefully

The last resort should always be to chop down a tree. A thorough inspection is required before you make the final decision. Be clear about your goal when inspecting the tree. It could be creating space, removing it for its health, cutting down dead branches, or removing it altogether. This will help ensure that you do not accidentally cut down a healthy tree.

The Right Tree Removal Equipment and Protective Gear

It is a good idea to wear the required safety gear. This includes gloves, helmets and safety vests. This will reduce the likelihood of accidents. To reduce errors and improve efficiency, you must use the best equipment.

Please read the instructions carefully

It is always a good idea to review and understand all instructions before using heavy equipment for cutting limbs. It is important to understand the instructions before using sharp equipment like a chainsaw.

Be mindful of tree removal tips

Tree removal is more than knowing how to use tools like a chainsaw. There are many factors that go into tree removal, such as the evaluation of the tree’s health, the environment, and the mechanics of the job. Knowing what you shouldn’t do when removing a branch is helpful.

Ask an Expert if you are unsure

If you have any questions about how to remove trees, it is always a good idea for professionals to help. Because even small mistakes can lead to injuries that could prove costly.