By FredrickHobbs

 Although you might not believe it, I did a black and white painting of a piece of furniture with Chalk Paint. You read that correctly. A girl who paints everything white painted a black dresser. This dresser was gifted to me by my North Carolina friend, The Black Swan. It is a must-see if you’re in Eastern North Carolina. Her little bits and pieces that I collected from her over the years meant a lot. Although he was cute, he needed some love. Funny thing is, I had painted the dresser white last summer and it has sat in my garage ever since. I didn’t like it. It was too bland & lacked character. I used my Maison Blanche chalk paint & wax to bring it back to life.

 Black Dresser Chalk Painting

How did I achieve this look? It was super easy! The dresser was first painted with Maison Blanche chalk paint in wrought-iron. After the paint had dried, I applied some lime wax in white. I then used a rag and wiped off the lime wax. It gave the dresser a chalky effect that was superior to the Black Dresser chalk painting.

The chalk paint is so brightened up by the addition of white wax. It really brings out the details. This is my favorite little dresser. It’s my favorite little dresser. The power of paint is amazing to me! What do you think about this dresser transformation? Have you ever used the Black Dresser chalkpaint/white wax combination? It’s quite magical! Leave me a comment below, or find me on Facebook. You can also chat with me on Instagram. It means so much to me that you stopped by my blog. xx

 Black Dresser Idea Book

A few months back, while sketching in my idea book, I came up with the idea for the Bold Black Dresser’s front. It was something I thought would be fun to paint on a cushion for a chair, but it never became a solid idea. It was left to rot until this weekend, when we bought a small dresser at a yard sale. It needed something bold, daring.

I had an idea to paint the whole thing black and then draw with a Sharpie oil-based pen. Below is a detail from a drawer. This is a sketch of a drawer.

The second idea was to use the same color of paint on the whole piece but give it a different finish (flat or semi-gloss) for the frame and drawers. It’s still not bold enough. I took out the sketch and decided that it was too bold for me. It was only a short time before I was done! That’s bold, daring!

All the home critics love the Black Dresser final product. It’s a favorite of my son, but he won’t say much if I ask him. It’s cool! My daughters love it and my husband laughed when he saw it. They must have become used to my strangeness!

Here’s how it happened?

Dresser Frame: This dresser frame was painted a dark gray color using a Benjamin Moore homemade mixture. It was then mixed with Plaster Of Paris to create a homemade batch chalk paint. For homemade chalk paint, you need 1 part Plaster Paris and 3 parts paint. Combine the Plaster Of Paris and enough water to form a smooth consistency Black Dresser. Then add 3 parts paint. Dresser drawers: Painted dark grey semi-gloss from the can (no chalk paint).

Top: The top was painted dark gray and waxed using Black Dresser Annie Sloan Dark Wax. To make it easier to work with the wax, I put the can in a small bath of warm water. This softens the wax, making it easier to work with before it starts drying.