Feeding “Travel Bottle” Tips

By FredrickHobbs

Formula Feeding Travel Bottle

I was a quick traveler and we have experienced many Travel Bottle highs and lows. We found traveling with a breastfed child was easier than with a Travel Bottle-fed one (we have one). There was also less to pack and clean. After several trips with our son, who was breastfed, we were able to learn how to bottle feed him while on vacation.

Here are seven tips for infants who are formula-fed or bottle-fed

  1. Use disposable Travel Bottle liners

Disposable baby bottle liners are handy when you don’t have access to sterilizing equipment. Liners make it easy to clean up and pack less bottles for your trip.

  1. The Right Formula Travel Bottle

Premixed formula is easier to prepare (ready-to-drink formula sold in bottles, cans or tetra packets), but it may be difficult to pack ready-to drink formula for long travels due to luggage weight restrictions. In this instance, it might be more convenient to pack a powdered formula can than a premixed one.

A Travel Bottle has been a great travel companion. A Travel Bottle is a great option for short weekend getaways or weekend road trips, while a can with formula is sufficient for a week-long vacation.

  1. A Sectioned Formula Dispenser is a great Travel Bottle!

We used a sectioned formula dispenser to fill each compartment with formula. The powder was then kept in the diaper bag for road trips and carry-on luggage for flights.

We didn’t need to measure powder when it was time to feed the animals. One compartment would be emptied into a glass.

  1. Clean with Sterilizer Bags

Microwavable sterilizer bags are great for those who have access to a microwave. These bags are great for cleaning sippy cups, bottles, pacifiers, and accessories for breast pumps and take up very little room in a bag or suitcase.

  1. Use a cooler to make your trip more enjoyable

Premixed formula or pumped milk can be kept cold by a cooler bag with a few reusable lunchbox ice packs.

  1. Pack Extra

In case of delays, bring a little extra milk or formula for your trip. You should also bring extra bottles of nipples in case you need them.

  1. All You Need in Your Carry-On 

You should always pack enough bottle feeding supplies for your flight. This includes formula bottles, liners, and cooler bags.