The Most Common House Survey Questions

By FredrickHobbs

A property survey is a must if you are considering purchasing a property. This is an important first step in examining the structural integrity and condition of your property. Many property surveyors encourage additional surveys. This is because they are not experts in electrical and building construction. Sometimes, an expert recommendation is necessary. Rated Builders London is a group of highly skilled and professional tradesmen who are committed to providing high-quality services. This is the reason that we are among the top recommended builders in London.

Here are some examples of common problems that house surveys can identify.

Poor ventilation/damp problems

  • A house survey will often reveal that there are structural issues that have been caused by excessive moisture. Poor ventilation or lack of wood structure sealant can cause excessive moisture. This can lead to structural damage.
  • Rising damp
  • Penetrating damp
  • Condensation can cause mould/spores growth.
  • Wet rot

Heating system that is old or complex

Your survey may recommend that you have a CORGI registered engineer inspect your central heating system. This can often indicate that the system is too old or complicated for someone not trained in gas engineering. Although the engineer might be able to inspect the system and determine that it is safe to use, the system may not be efficient enough to replace it with a newer model.

Insufficient certification for electrical work

Your surveyor will ask you to get an electrician to inspect the system if they discover that it doesn’t have the proper certification. This sticker is usually found on the consumer unit. It could be perfectly fine or the system may have been installed by a DIY contractor and is not safe to use.

Ground movement

Ground movement can result from either insufficient depth or changes in ground conditions, or can be caused due to fractures in walls, floors, or ceilings.

Insect infestations

Insect infestations can cause damage to your property by boring through the wood, which in turn can make it unpleasant. This can cause damage to floors and roofs and can be costly to fix.

Roof problems

Roof structure damage can occur and owners may not have reported it. If roof maintenance is neglected, it can cost the new owners thousands of pounds. This can depend on how severe the damage was and could lead to other problems such as rotten wood in the attic.

Problems with drainage

It doesn’t matter if it’s a blocked drain, a leaking or full-blown collapse of the drains, it can pose a serious health risk to your home and any nearby properties.