Tactical Pens can save you in Many Situations

By FredrickHobbs

They say the pen is mightier than the sword. This can be so true when it comes to tactical pens. It can come handy in so many situations that security experts need no convincing that tactical pens are a must in any survival kit.

In case you end up in a scenario when you’re at the wrong place at the wrong time, tactical pens might be the tool to save your day.

What’s a Tactical Pen

Look at any tactical pen buyers guide and it will tell you the same thing. Tactical pens are just pens but these are pens that can be potent weapons when in the right hands. While you cannot bring a gun or a knife everywhere, you can carry a tactical pen anywhere. They are small enough to be concealed in your pocket, a glove box, or perhaps clipped to your backpack.

Tactical pens are made from hardened metal and they are designed so you can easily hold them them. They are engineered to injure and puncture things. They can hurt enough to incapacitate an attacker.

Uses Of A Tactical Pen

We mean it when we say tactical pens can save you in many situations.

Writing Utensil. Tactical pens are first off pens that you can use to write. Whether you are just jotting notes or signing a contract or just doodling, it serves that basic purpose. On the opposite end of the pen is a hard tip that makes it a good defense tool.

Breaking Glass. If there’s a need for you to break a glass, a tactical pen comes handy. Wear a gloves and firmly grip the pen and slam the glass using its pointed end.

Fire Starter and Whistle. There are tactical pens that come with a fire starter and a whistle. Tactical pens are great survival tools and they may come with such features among others that can help you get through difficult situations. Whether you’re in the middle of nowhere camping out or trapped under a ton of debris, you can use a tactical pen to make a situation more favorable for you.

DNA Collection. In case you are playing James Bond for some reason, you can use a tactical pen to collect DNA specimens from different subjects. It is a perfect tool for scraping, stabbing, scratching or jabbing so that spells blood, skin or flesh that you can analyze in the lab.

For Self Defense. Tactical pens are perfect defense tools if you are in a close-quarter scenario. Your primary aim is to hit vulnerable points such as the temple, eyes, groin, among others. Hold it and use it like a knife to jab at your attacker. You need to cause enough pain so the opponent will fall or retreat or create distance so you can escape.

If you are looking for a tactical pen, browse through tactical pen buyers guide and see what fits your needs. You can based it on your lifestyle, the unique features of the pen, it’s grip and feel, and the discreteness of its build and design.

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