The Story of Crucifixion and Its Relation to Modern Human Rights Violation

By FredrickHobbs

Jesus died on the cross of a result of unjust prosecution. He was prosecuted by Pontius Pilate even without any sufficient proof. He was condemned without being tried fairly. Sadly, even Pilate himself declared that no fault was seen in Christ three times. Had this happened in the modern world, the accused should have been released. Thus, the crucifixion story itself provides lessons about an essential aspect of human existence-the human rights.

The mob insisted that this innocent Man be killed. Pontius Pilate bore false witness against Christ insisting that He was a big threat to the then existing Roman Empire. He accused Him of rebellion, creating a false picture of Christ persuading people not to pay taxes to Caesar.

All of these events resulted to the story of crucifixion which is now a religious celebration for Catholics around the world. In today’s world, the same events may happen in courts. We can witness the same thing inside the courtrooms, people testifying and people being prosecuted by fellowmen.

What happened to Christ is a clear manifestation of human rights violations. People living in greed and who are hungry for political people resemble Pontius Pilate. Others who betray or bear false witnesses are Judas of today’s world. Unfortunately, these are the same people who violate the rights of other people. Trial of Christ during the time of Caesar is seemingly familiar with what we see on TV everyday or read in the newspaper.

Christ is like all the innocent victims of injustice. Many people who are not guilty of anything are charged with cases and sanctions due to the fact that they may less powerful and poorer than others. It is the imperfect side of human that leads one to hatred, injustice and egocentric existence. Human rights are violated left and right and even more apparent to those who can ‘buy’ justice themselves.