How to Draw a “Plumbing Riser Diagram”

By FredrickHobbs

You’ll need a master Plumbing Riser Diagram to draw a riser diagram like this. You want to learn how to draw a rising diagram? I get it. It’s important to get your permit.

You might make mistakes when drawing the pipe’s connections. You could cause chronic clogging if you use the wrong fittings. You might be able to see the following video to get some experience. The plastic triangle makes it easy to draw the lines in 3D so that you can visualize the relationship between the pipes after they are installed. This is a typical picture of pipes being installed. You will need to be able to draw this on paper using only lines.

These pipes are actually under a slab. One fitting is against best practice and may even be illegal in certain jurisdictions. Are you able to identify which one? This drawing should be easy enough to put on paper for someone to copy. Are you able to do these things?

In the Plumbing Riser Diagram, Solid and Dashed Lines

In the riser diagrams, you’ll see both solid and dashed lines. The solid lines contain liquids and solid waste, while the dashed lines only contain air.

The condensate-laden liquids that are carried by the vent lines must be drained by gravity.

A rookie like yourself might not realize that solid lines in riser diagrams could also be approved vent lines.

To understand the process, you will need to become a master plumber. Below is a diagram that shows a small section of the hybrid waste/vent line. It is possible to identify it.

This is my master Plumbing Riser Diagram. It took me about ten minutes to draw it. This diagram shows the fixtures that will be installed in a bathroom when it’s added to an existing house. The solid lines represent water and waste. The dashed lines carry only air and some condensation water. (C) Copyright 2018 Tim Carter – Master Plumber

I am a Master who draws for people

I have drawn many riser diagrams. The day I took my master plumber’s exam is something I will never forget.

A riser diagram was needed for a multi-story building with all kinds of weird fixtures. These diagrams were a lot of fun for me.

Two weeks later, the head of the Plumbing Riser Diagram Department called me to inform me that I was the only one to get the whole drawing right. It was hard for me to believe this, as I knew many smart plumbers from my area who took the same exam.