Islam and Human Rights

By FredrickHobbs

In the west it’s the common habit that every good thing attributes to them and they proved as this world is blessed with it due to them. However before the Islam the world was steeped in ignorance and unaware of any such things. This is Islam which explains the way of livings to the world and now the west adopted all the teachings of Islam mentioned in Quran and Hadith before 1400 years.

Islam is a complete religion in which Allah Almighty has given the complete guidance about every aspect of the life in a clear manner. It’s the only religion who emphasize on peace. It gives rights to each human being as well as animals. The human rights that Islam protects are the life and property of every citizen is consecrated, whatever his religion is, that is either he is Muslim or not. Human equality is highly focuses majorly and no one is considered superior or favored because of their race, assets or power. The criteria of superiority are only faith and piety. The annual pilgrimage to Makah the Prophet (PBUH) has given the complete charter of human rights. Its each and every word enlightened all the aspects of human life. It clearly mentions the rights of servants and asked them to treat properly.

Racism which is the major problem of today’s modern world has completely finished in Islam. And its practical example can be seen on the annual pilgrimage at Makah every year. Where Muslims from all over the world come together and perform hajj without any difference. Where slave and king offers the prayer together.

Islam is the religion of complete justice as said in Quran:truly God commands you to give back trusts to those to whom they are due, and when you judge between people, to judge with justice… “(4:58)

The human killing is totally restricted and the government is responsible for the protection of the all the nations and their assets. Even women has more privileged and special care is associated with her either she is mother, wife, sister or daughter. Hence Islam gives the complete coding of life embedded in its teaching. And the human rights are completely and perfectly mentioned in it.

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