How to keep your home in perfect order: 21 tips

By FredrickHobbs

How to maintain order in the apartment

A couple dozens of tips on how to keep the house in order: where to store eyebrow tweezers and keys, how to organize washing and what to do with the papers on the desktop. 

In the dressing room

1. Select one shelf or bag in the closet for clothes that you do not carry and are almost ready to give or throw away – so making the decision that the item is no longer needed will be easier. 

2. When removing the thing from the hanger, do not hang the last back. Move them to the wall or put them in a special place reserved for hangers. So clothes will hang tighter, and the hangers will not get lost between dresses and jackets.

3. Store shoes, putting their socks to the heel, something like they are put in a box in the store. 

4. Store jewelry that you wear often on a small tray or in a bowl on a dresser or dresser. 

In the bathroom and laundry

5. Attach a magnetic panel to the back side of the door of the shelves and store there the little things that are constantly lost: tweezers, stealth, tweezers and nail scissors.

6. Store lip gloss, makeup brushes and all cosmetics, which are sold in narrow long tubes and jars (mascara, concealers), in glasses for water.

7. Hang a wire shelf in the shower to store what you use most often: shampoo, hair conditioner, shower gel. 

8. Immediately fold the dirty laundry in three different baskets: white, black and color separately.

9. Tie bedding sets with colored ribbons so that all items are stored together.

10. Once the laundry is washed and dried, immediately fold it and put it in place: do not let it hang on the dryer or pile up in the bedroom. 

In the office

11. Empty one of the desk drawers and fold the papers you are working with at the moment, instead of storing them on the desk. Once a week, do a content revision. 

12. Hand over old magazines to waste paper. 

13. Digitize everything you can, including paper, which are going to work with later. Files take up less space than paper in the desk drawers. 

On the kitchen

14. Hang a piece of utensil on the hooks: this will make room in the drawers.

15. Keep what you most often need – salt, pepper, oil – on the edge of the most convenient shelf.

16. Keep a row of products of the same type: cereals on one shelf, canned vegetables – on the other, canned meat – on the third. 


17. Hang a housekeeper or a separate hook near the entrance door and hang the keys there every time you come home. 

18. Each time, leaving the house, take the garbage and (if the container along the way) things that you are going to pass for recycling. Do not let the trash accumulate in the corners. 

19. Buy convenient organizers for wires, so that the latter do not snake in disarray. 

20. Organize a “charging station” and store their chargers for all devices. 

21. Inspect children’s toys and games, get rid of all broken and worn out.

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