How To Get The Most Out Of Your Cash Back Credit Cards

By FredrickHobbs

Learning How to use cash back credit cards the right way allows you to maximize your point earning potential while at the same time increasing your savings. Being wise about what and how you spend your money using your cashback card means you do not risk spending too much or ruining your current financial stability. These tips will come in handy once you start swiping your card and earning reward points:

1. Consider Your Spending Habits

Where do you find yourself spending the most of your monthly budget? Think this through before getting a cash back card so that you sign up for a rewards program that will benefit you the most. There are some banks that offer up to 4% rebate on gas and groceries and 1 % on other purchases. If you always spend the bulk of your budget on these two things, you stand to earn more in points and rebates by getting a card that offers these rates.

Cash back cards with this type of earning potential are best for families and those who always find themselves on the road.

2. Pay Balances In Full

Many people forget that the interest rates of paying credit card statements late or just with the minimum amount required add up. Those who look forward to using their cash back cards for the rewards, but do not plan on paying their balances in full stand to lose more money through the interest rates they have to pay. To get the most out of your rewards and points, always spend money you are confident you can pay in full when the bill arrives in the mail.

3. Look Out For Sign-Up Bonuses

Banks usually offer great sign-up bonuses for new credit card applicants. Going through their terms and conditions to see what you stand to gain and when you can claim your rewards gives you a better idea on what to expect when you start using the cash back card. During this phase you will also learn if the bank charges a hefty annual fee. If they do, you are better off looking into applying for a cash back card from another bank.

4. Check For Types Of Rewards

There are many ways you can use your points and rewards. Some banks offer straight up cash rebate while other allows clients to use the rebate against their current credit card statement. There are a few who offer gift certificates and even donations to charities. Check all of these options out to find one that you want and need the most. This way you are sure to use your reward points instead of forgetting about them all together.

5. Pay Your Bills Using A Cash Back Card

All the basics of how to use cash back credit cards will tell you that paying your bills with your card is the best and smartest way to earn points. Since they are necessities, you do not need to spend extra on things you don’t need just to earn rewards.
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