Home Improvement Tips – Bathroom Remodeling

By FredrickHobbs

Home Improvement Tips – Bathroom Remodeling

Bathrooms are one of the most common areas to renovate in a home. There are many ways to remodel a bathroom. You can make small Bathroom Remodeling cosmetic changes or complete gutting. There are many ways to renovate a bathroom that you can do yourself, and save money.

A budget is the first rule of any renovation. Stick to it. After setting a budget, you must decide on the severity of the renovation. Surface modifications can be done quickly and inexpensively. However, rearranging a bathroom’s layout (e.g. moving the toilet to another location) will take more work and require a contractor to relocate the plumbing lines. The most expensive and time-consuming option is to completely tear down the bathroom. However, this is possible if the wooden frame of the bathroom has been damaged by moisture over the years.

It’s possible that moisture has not reached the bathroom’s floor joists or studs. However, it is possible that drywall may need to be repaired. Greenboard is a type of drywall that resists moisture. Greenboard, which is a moisture resistant drywall, must be used to replace a wall inside the shower.

Many bathroom remodels are centered around the tub or shower. Prefabricated tubs and shower enclosures are available for the DIYer. A tiled tub or shower is another option. This involves building a new frame and is best left to professionals. Although prefabricated showers were simple in the past, there are many styles, colors and textures available today. You can have the unit in one piece to reduce assembly and panels if it is too large for the bathroom door (which is often the case with older homes).

There are many flooring options available for bathrooms. However, avoid hardwood floors as they will warp in humid conditions. Because ceramic tiles are waterproof, they’re the best choice for bathroom flooring. There are many options for tile and grout combinations that suit all tastes, including a variety of sizes and colors. It is important that all floors are level before you lay down tiles. To do this, mix a self-leveling agent and spread it across the floor.

A new sink or vanity can make a bathroom look more modern. You can choose from a variety of popular styles such as pedestal sinks, wall mounted sinks, or vessel sinks. They are all very easy to install. Sometimes it is possible to connect the old sink piping to an updated sink. This can make a huge difference in the bathroom’s appearance.

Sometimes the easiest and most cost-effective updates are also the easiest. You can make a huge impact by updating all of the hardware. A bathroom can be given a new look with paint, which is also the most affordable home improvement. A simple fix is to swap a dull, boring mirror for one that has a funky frame.

The most expensive part of a remodel is often the bathroom. But, you can save money by looking beyond big box stores. A treasure may be found on Craigslist, which might have been donated by another remodeler. eBay is another option. You can save money by buying discontinued tiles, but you need to make sure that you have enough to replace any damaged tiles.

While most remodeling techniques can be learned by anyone, it is possible to hire a contractor to install new plumbing or electrical lines. It will be well worth it and will ensure that the building codes are followed. It is always a good idea to ask trusted friends for recommendations when searching for an efficient and reliable contractor.

Ten Quick Tips to Organize and Declutter Your Bathroom

You can store items neatly and they will look better. If you have a wound or need to use a bandage, you will know where it is. It’s also easier to maintain a clean and organized bathroom. A shower that has soap and shampoo bottles falling on your feet is not the same as one with all the necessary products in a caddy.

Here are some tips to organize your bathroom.

Get rid of clutter in your bathroom

Get started on your bathroom organization journey by clearing out clutter. It doesn’t have be difficult to declutter bathrooms. You can break it down into smaller steps, even if the bathroom is messy. These are some steps to help you declutter your bathroom.

Take out all bathroom products including makeup, shampoo, conditioner, towel, first-aid supplies and towels.

Next, you should sort the products into one of three categories: keep or donate. You can then box up the donations and throw away any remaining items in the garbage or recycling right away. Sort the items you don’t want to keep into subcategories, based on their type or where you intend to store them.

Use Bathroom Organizers

Once you’ve decluttered your bathroom, you should consider whether you require new bathroom organizers. Bathroom organizers are a great way for small bathrooms to be organized with very little or no storage.

If you have bulky towels, extra paper goods, or other large items, you may need some bathroom furniture like plastic storage drawers. Small baskets can be useful if you have a lot of small items like makeup and hair elastics in your drawers.

You should ensure you are bringing in organizers that will fit both your space and your items. This is key in making a small bathroom more functional. Or organizers could become clutter.

Linen Closet organization

The linen closet or cabinet may be located inside or outside your bathroom. However, most people keep at minimum some bathroom-related items in it, such as towels. This is a crucial spot for organizing the bathroom.

First, decide what you want to put in the closet. You might not need towels or washcloths in this area, but you may want to keep extra tissues and other items accessible from the bathroom.

Arrange your belongings in the closet so you can find the things you use the most. Small items like washcloths can be grouped in a storage bag to make it easy to find. You should make sure everything is properly folded and stacked in order to maximize your space.

A small bathroom may be hard to hang towels. Towel racks that fit over the bathroom doors are a good option for those who don’t have wall space. These racks are often equipped with bars that can hold multiple towels or shelves, which maximize storage space. A ladder rack can also be an option that is leaning against the wall and maximises vertical storage space. For hand towels, there are small bars that can be placed over cabinet doors.

Arrange the Shower and Bathtub

Because they are not designed for storage, it can be hard to organize showers and bathtubs. While some bathrooms include shelves and cubbies for soaps and shampoo bottles, other bathrooms only have the bathtub ledge. You should still keep your bath products in easy reach.

You can add a caddy for your products, if needed. Shower organizers should be stable. Don’t trust soap dishes, shelves that attach to the wall, or caddies that seem to stand perfectly in the corner. They might not be durable enough to last your day.

Consider streamlining your shower routine, or at the very least, moving rarely used items to another location.

Organise the Countertop

It is important to have as few items as possible on your bathroom counter. It makes it easier for you to clean the counter. If you give yourself permission to keep some items, it will reduce the chances of them accumulating and becoming a clutter.

Keep bathroom sinks organized so that items are easily accessible. Hand soap should be kept right next to your sink. It is also possible to keep your hand lotion and daily cleanser there.

Organization of the Cabinets

Your bathroom cabinet organization will depend on the amount of space available and how you want your items to fit. You can use a medicine cabinet in your bathroom to store the most commonly used items, such toothpaste and contact solution. You should not overpack the cabinet to make sure that your items do not fall out of it when you open it.

Cabinets beneath the sink are great for organizing bathroom cleaning products. You can also use this space to store shampoo and toothpaste tubes or other products that you don’t use every day. You can use the vertical storage space to your advantage by putting storage drawers in cabinets.

Organize the Drawers

It is up to you what you keep in your bathroom drawers. You should not let your bathroom drawers become junk drawers full of random items that get buried.

To organize your bathroom drawers, drawer organizers can come in handy. They help you keep your items organized and in easy reach.

Don’t feel pressured to fill every drawer. Every drawer should be assigned a specific purpose. You can organize your bathroom drawers by storing everyday items in your top drawers, and the less used items in your lower drawers.

Organize your Vanity

A vanity will likely help you identify which part of your morning routine is most important to you. Make sure you organize all the products on your vanity (makeup and moisturizer, for example). The best way to use them is how you actually use them. Similar to beauty and grooming products, arrange them as you use them.

You can keep your daily makeup brushes in a cup that you have on your vanity so you are always able to reach it easily. Tools that you don’t use as often should be kept in a drawer or some other storage area.

Organize the Toiletries

You can also choose how to organize your bathroom toiletries. As long as it is functional for you, this is your choice. However, toiletries can sometimes end up in the bathroom clutter.

The use of toiletries will determine where they should go in the bathroom. It doesn’t mean that you have to store all the same toiletries together. One example is that you may have a tray with all your fragrances and lotions on your countertop, but only use one or two of them. Decluttering and saving precious counter space is possible by moving those you rarely use to a drawer under the sink.

Get rid of product containers

It is possible that you don’t have enough space in your bathroom for bathroom supplies if you buy large quantities of bathroom products, such as shampoo bottles or huge packages of toilet papers. This is often true especially if you have a small bathroom.

You might instead consider smaller containers that can be kept in the bathroom. You can also store the rest in another place that you have easy access to. To illustrate, you could put some toilet paper on top of your toilet and then store the rest on a high shelf in another closet.

Maintain a clean and organized bathroom

You will find it easy to maintain your bathroom organization once it feels functional and comfortable. However, you’ll still need to exert some effort. After using items, return them to their correct places. Do not let items that belong in another place accumulate in the toilet. Maintaining your bathroom should not be a major chore.

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