Fitness and Health in the Corporate World

By FredrickHobbs

Many companies now understand that the health and fitness of their employees is worth investing in. The companies’ bottom lines are also being affected, they are beginning to realize. As a result, companies have started to educate their employees on the practices and concepts of overall health and fitness. Educating workers on safety practices and good health will lead to reductions in health care and sick days, which will lead to an edge on success.

There are two main benefits of fitness and health education for employees. The employee will experience lower stress levels, higher self esteem and better physical fitness with increased stamina. The employer will experience productivity increases from the employees, less illness, and it develops leadership skills for the employees. The community will also benefit from all this. The community will stay or remain a competitive figure in the market place.

Companies today provide work site facilities for health care or health and wellness programs to assist them in increasing their profit margin. This has been proven to be an investment by having healthier employees with less turnover. The employee, the company’s most important asset, is in a position to perform better, which benefits both the employee and the employer. Employers need workers who can perform their jobs as good and efficiently as possible, and healthy bodies and minds helps accomplish this. Unfortunately some people do not find the initiative themselves, so employer incentives help point the employees to the right path.

It is very easy to forget to take the time for personal health and fitness because of the everyday distractions most people have, the work day, family, chores, etc. Employees will likely welcome an employer who is active in health consultations and reminders and will want to remain working for that company for a long time. It is much better to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to declining physical and mental fitness as we age. Preventing loss of income for both the employee and the employer can be achieved by using a proactive approach and preventing problems before they occur. Employees who live a healthier lifestyle outside of work, as encouraged by their employer, is something that will carry over into the workplace, creating a positive environment for everyone.

Companies have found a way to introduce this idea by providing gym memberships as incentive bonuses, or as an incentive bonus to new employees. Health and fitness is also being used to motivate employees for raises and promotions. Adding a health and fitness program will benefit companies of all sizes. This may be all your company needs to boost employee morale and increase the bottom line. You will see a return on your investment if you find a plan that will work for your situation. Healthy employees should be a priority even if your bottom line is not increased noticeably, they are essential to the health of your business.