Firestop Mattress

By FredrickHobbs

There is must be some technical elements which should be considered and should be taken when you are purchasing a best fireproof firestop mattress, there are many types of the mattress in the world but most commonly there is 2 main type of mattress that is approved by the authorities, the 2 types are

Polyurethane foam Mattress


Sprung Mattress

These two types of firestop mattresses are:

Sprung Mattress has his own features there are quite simple than the polyurethane mattress it has some numbers of springs present in it that do not show and determine the rigidity and performance or any effect of the mattress, it totally depends on the spring wire’s thickness that it does not shows rigidity, it is super soft and anatomically it is best for the orthopedic patients.

This mattress is manufactured and made for single beds weighted 15 kg. one of the most important things is that it cannot be used for an articulate based position or cannot be used for washing, these orthopedic and super soft mattresses are not well known in the markets and they are less popular than the other mattresses.

Polyurethane foamed mattresses are those mattresses which show the density and variety of polyurethane present in it and can express it in kg/M that shows it cannot affect the rigidity. The capacity of bearing shows us about the rigidity and indicates the degree of rigidity. It is a fine best mattress for single beds that weighted 10 kg, it can be washed at the laundry or can be used for and articulate based angle, like to support head adjustability position