If the US Makes An Enemy On Human Rights Issues – China Immediately Finds a New Friend

By FredrickHobbs

It is my contention that it is time for China to join the international community in demanding “human rights” around the globe. The Chinese will go further faster using a pro-human rights approach even as they scour the world for raw materials and places to make FDI (foreign direct investment). Yes, lets talk.

You see, There was an interesting article in the Diplomat published on January 11, 2014 titled; “China’s Dictatorship Diplomacy Implodes – All around the world China’s support for authoritarian states is backfiring,” by Zachary Keck. The piece mentions many challenges as China goes on a scavenger hunt for client nations and resources. The article stated;

“A few years back it was fashionable in some circles to talk about China’s dictatorship diplomacy. This term referred to Beijing’s close economic and sometimes political cooperation with international pariah states, particularly resource rich ones. Core members of this group included Iran, Venezuela, Sudan and Zimbabwe, and to a lesser extent, North Korea and Burma.”

Sure, this is predictable, if our kissy-face diplomats cannot deal with the them it would be na├»ve to think that the Chinese who are culturally separated from the rest of the world could make it work without bumps in the road. I can count 7 countries across the globe where they are challenged and have promised way too much aid with potentially no future return due to Machiavellian Dictators who didn’t ever expect to maintain their promises. Those are the takers of the world. When two takers get together there are bound to be problems.

At the time of researching and putting together this piece I had the opportunity of reading an Op-Ed from Mr. Sun Guoxiang, Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in New York. The article was published in the Wall Street Journal; “A New Era in China-US Relations,” on January 16, 2014. The article stated; “Our leaders have learned that it is better to be partners than rivals,” and yes, that sounds nice, I hope it is so. This would certainly go a long way to helping the next future Super Power have the room it needs to do its business and continue to grow its middle class without create a wake of debris.

Personally, I enjoy reading “China Today” magazine and I also realize it puts the best face on reality, hell, that’s okay, the Obama Administration PR machine does the same, and large governments are known for their positive propaganda, but when it comes to our third world activity or that of the Chinese, it’s often a messy situation, neither of us needs to make it any worse off. Too many innocent people who happen to have been born where they were suffer when we throw away our humanity and honor in the pursuits of incredible and rapid emerging market gains. Please consider all this and think on it.