DIY Garden Projects For The Perfect Backyard

By FredrickHobbs

We just love DIY garden projects. They require quite a lot of imaginative work as well as physical  effort and give you a proper reason for spending the weekends outside in your backyard if the sun itself can’t convince you. We all dream of the perfect backyard with a cozy wooden deck to spend summer nights and a beautiful fire pit where you can get warm on cold nights. The process of designing such a place can be difficult and time consuming but you don’t have to do everything at once. Take baby steps and decide which project will come first on your to do list. We have featured a series of DIY Garden Projects For The Perfect Backyard which might come in handy and inspire your dream garden. You can choose from learning how to build the perfect tree bench to unusual flower pots and vertical gardens made out of recycled pallets. Check out the Upcycle An Old Tire Into a Jaw-Dropping DIY Pond project which is very simple to make and the result quite impressive. Enjoy our small gathering and garden away!

1. Learn how to build a tree bench

There is nothing better than listening to the sound of blowing leaves under a beautiful tree. Learn how to build a tree bench from the tutorial linked below.

2. Vegetable garden comprised of nine square beds edged with steel

Keep a healthy life style and grow your own vegetables.

3. Birdcages made with burlap, sticks and artificial leaves

Birdcages are so delicate and vintage-looking. Add one to your deck and decorate it with burlap and leaves.

4.Coffee beans & tea lights for a fantastic smell on your deck

We all love the smell of coffee beans so add them to your candle holders for an amplified aroma.

5. Conceal the air-conditioner

There are many eye sores around the house that should be concealed. Start with the air-conditioner.

6. DIY bird bath

Invite beautiful birds to your garden by installing a bird bath.

7. DIY painted garden bench

Take your time and relax in your backyard on a hand-painted colorful bench.

8. Make an outdoor chandelier

You can place a chandelier even outside on your porch for summer nights.

9. DIY path ideas

Every garden should have proper pathways that lead to special spots arranged in your backyard.

10. Bury milk jugs in the bottom of large planters

You can place milk jugs in the bottom of large planters to save potting soil and make the pot lighter to move. Though we are not sure how the plastic of the bottles work with the plants themselves.