Difference in prices of HGH across the world

By FredrickHobbs

You will find many reputed and experienced doctors recommending children and old people to take resort to growth hormone supplementary products like HGH (synthetically prepared human growth hormone), in order to help them overcome different biological problems related to its deficit in the body. There will difference in the dosage cycles and the dose strengths that are suggested for different users depending on their age, gender, genetic makeup, body composition, medical history about any drug allergies and purpose of administration. There are a lot of professional body builders, athletes, weight lifters and actors from the film and fitness community who regularly take or inject themselves with hormonal regulatory or steroidal medications in order to enhance their physical output and stamina. This is called non medical usage of steroids. It is practised by fitness enthusiasts for maintaining their robust or toned physique and improves their physical strength and energy levels for a more competitive approach.

How is the price of HGH different in different countries?

The price of a particular dietary supplementation product differs from place to p0lace depending on the strengths in milligrams in which it is sold and the demand for product in that certain place. There can be also variation in the cost due to international shipping or domestic shipping but to far-away places. Thus there can be additional charges incurred on the basis of shipment of the product across the borders. But on a generalised matter, you can expect to pay $600 per month if you are taking the injections on a daily basis. The brand name is also very important in deciding the price label on the product bottle. If you want to purchase HGH from a reliable and expensive source, it is your duty to fill your wallet with the required amount or otherwise you may be penalised.

The list of different brands of HGH and their price differences is below for you to compare:

  1. Omnitrope- one cartridge of 10 mg per 1.5 mL can range from $1039 at the Walgreens and $1108 at Rite- Aid.
  2. Norditropin- it is a little bit expensive than Omnitrope. The price of a single Flex Pro pen injectable device of 15 mg per 1.5 mL will range between $1593 at Walgreens with a coupon to $1645 at Consumer Value Store or CVS pharmacy.
  3. Genotropin- it is a cheaper version of HGH. Two packages of 0.4 mg of Mini Quick devices have an average cost of $681 at the CVS and $661 at the Walgreens.

 Is it legal to buy HGH without prescription?

This question is the most common one that is asked by first time buyers, with no experience or knowledge about the regulation of steroidal medications worldwide. That is why it said that you should properly do your homework before buying your choice of product.

It is considered to be illegal to purchase HGH without a doctor’s prescription since the product has been classified as controlled substances that need supervision of an expert during the course. You can expect to pay $600 per month if you want real and authentic HGH forms and avoid unnecessary health hazards.