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Career Planning After 50 – A Proper Foundation Is The Key!

A proper foundation is the key to both career and financial success.

Career planning after 50 is one of the key activities you can engage in to set the foundation for your future success. A well planned foundation that will build future success; growing your career, changing careers or just finding that second job after retirement is an important component to your overall plan.

Wishing to qualify for that second job after retirement, for example, may require years of planning, preparation and skill building, getting to know and help the right people and a full measure of financial planning.

Planning for a career after 50 is not a one time event. As your interests and obligations chance the process also changes and will mean you will be redefining your overall career objectives, updating your financial plans and exploring new directions.

Regardless of where your are, and whatever your age, the building of a robust career and life plan follows a linear path from selecting a career, finding the right job in the career and then developing your ability to find satisfaction in your selection and growing and progressing in the job.

After age 50 career planning can present you with special problems. It’s not like you were starting out with a clean slate. You have learned there are certain circumstances in the work place that you are uncomfortable with and want to avoid. You have developed interests both on the job and outside of work that will help you develop you career plan foundation.

Just like building a house, get the career planning after 50 foundation right and it will dictate the size and scope of the structure.

The basis for your career foundation is research. You’ve been working for-awhile what careers peak you interest? Why? Which careers would you not want to work in? Again why? Talk to others working in the desired career. Find their names by using LinkedIn, friends or a related local or national career association.

Make use of the internet, search for information on the desired career. Who employs people working in the career? Find out all you can about the possible employers. What are the salary ranges? What is the overall career path?

Now how do your qualifications and experience match up with the desired career? Do you need additional training? What is the fastest and cheapest way to get qualified?

You have transferable skills from you present career to your new job. What are they and how would you showcase these skills to qualify for the new career.

After examining your transferable skills what specific experience do you seem to be lacking to qualify for the new position? What is the best and quickest way to qualify? Part-time work, temp assignments, working after hours for a non-profit or career related association; are all methods to get the desired experience.

Even if you are happy with your current position, it’s a good exercise to go through this process at least annually. It will help keep you grounded and alert for possible opportunities. Moreover, career planning is just not exploring career possibilities or career changes but building on your current strengths and skills to make you more valuable to yourself and your current employer.

If you discover in building your career foundation that a career change is warranted, take a deep breath, and carefully plan your job hunt. You have some learning to do, research to complete before you can mount a well planned job hunting effort.

In any job hunt what may look simple becomes difficult, what should be done in days takes weeks, people don’t call you back, you get rejected in a job that you are completely qualified for, people make promises and routinely break them, and so it goes. Although a job hunt takes time, you have the advantage of a well planned effort, a realistic level of patience and the knowledge that a daily focused effort will produce desired results.

Stick to your career plan. Keep up the training and learning. Work your network, help others. Fine tune your financial planning. Reduce your debts. All are designed to keep you on track to build the proper positive attitude and guide you to your career objective.

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