Career Change After 50 – Is Now the Time?

By FredrickHobbs

Career change after 50-Is now the time to make a career change? Here’s some ideas to get you started answering the question.

Making the decision to seek a career change after 50 normally does not flow from one event.

Of course sometimes losing the job, or hitting the top of the salary scale with no promotion is sight or waking up one morning and concluding your career is not right for you can get you looking for another career.

It doesn’t matter if you’re working or unemployed; you need to find an answer to the question “Is this what I want to do for the rest of my working life?” If the answer is a “NO,” even a whisper of a “no,” now even after age 50 may be the time to reassess your career choice and perhaps begin planning for a career change.

Careers change over time often by events totally beyond our control. Your company and industry may be dying and budget cuts restrict your ability to do your job and you are now expected to do more with less. Or your boss is beyond demanding, with a caustic personality to match. Or the company which used to be a challenging place to work now is the home to back-biting, the absence of team work, and an overall CYA mentality.

As we move past age 50 our career and our work are no longer just the matter of paying bills and acquiring stuff but rather are our dreams in sync with our career and work. Life-long careers and working for one employer our entire working life is a thing of past. With our current fast-paced global economy, careers and industries seem to change and come and go overnight. Finding that career after 50 which matches your dreams is one of the most important life-long things you can do.

Changing careers after 50 can best be done on your own terms. Find the courage and initiative to move into a new career. Start your career planning small. Do something on it every day. Read several chapters in a relevant book. Prepare for an informational interview. Do online research for prospective industries and businesses.

As you career change plan takes shape you may find the grass isn’t greener on the other side of the fence but rather you’ve found creative ways to make your current career more interesting and more challenging. Or you discover outside activities that move you closer to the dream job.

Whenever you come to a career roadblock it’s usually constructive to look in the mirror for a solution. “What little thing can I do today to get my career plan moving?” Now do it.

There basically is never a good time to change careers after 50. There is rarely a good time to change careers, there will always be obstacles, financial roadblocks will be in the way, it might require a move yet with proper career planning you can ease the career change burden.

How do you answer the important question: “How do you know when you’re moving in the right direction, with the proper career and the right job?” Your stomach will tell you just like it told you when you were in the wrong career and job situation.

Ignoring your dreams is like never making a deposit in the bank of life. By developing and working you career plan will put you in a career place where you are stimulated and energized every day.

What are you waiting for? Start today building you career plan after 50. You’ll overcome all the challenges making the move, and you’ll do more than succeed, you’ll see and feel and touch your dream come true.