BioIdentical Hormone Therapy | Plant-based hormones

By FredrickHobbs

Natural hormones are using drugs produced in labs that are made of natural ingredients like Yam extract. This most often used in hormone therapy in the treatment of estrogen deficiencies in women going through menopause. And in some other cases male menopause caused by dropping testosterone levels, a number of benefits were evident as well.

Defining Bioidentical Hormones

Bioidentical testosterone is created to produce an identical molecular structure of hormones made by the human body. In most cases, they’re developed or synthesized from plant chemical extracts. The hormones produced in a lab produce the same effects as the hormones produced by the body. It is believed that the body is unable to identify the difference between a natural (produced by the body) and bioidentical hormone.

Effects on the body

Along with any drug available in the market, Bioidentical Hormones can have an adverse effect in the body. Even though the product is from natural material it is important to remember that it is still produced in a lab. Users should know that just because a product is considered natural or is produced by ingredients found in nature doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily safer than the hormones produced by the human body. Even “natural” forms of test must be prepared in a laboratory even though they are not classified as synthetic or developed using non-bioidentical testosterone forms.

Any product that is designed to alter hormone levels in the body in any way can have a huge powerful influence not only on specific hormone and hormone levels, but numerous hormones, hormonal glands, and body functions and systems. Bear in mind that any form of prescription steroid that is also labeled or classified as bioidentical should have a structure that identically matches the chemical structure of testosterone produced by the body.

Is Natural Better?

Because of its natural hormone, it is often believed that bioidentical hormone or substance can reduce the side effects or adverse reactions. However there are actually few studies that compares the two, so as things stand today, it is actually difficult to say that there is an actual reduction on the side effects, or even saying that it is actually better than non-bioidentical hormonal drugs.

Bioidentical testosterone is metabolized in the body the same as that which is naturally produced, which is why it is extremely important for individuals to follow doctor’s instructions and undergo periodic blood tests to ensure that levels are where they should be.