Best Certifications: Benefits of Top IT Certifications

The best IT certifications have tremendous value. In the past certifications were considered simply a formality. Today the best IT certifications are a requirement. There are collectively hundreds of certifications in most technologies and disciplines.

Provided Below are a list of several top IT certifications:

  • PMP – Project Management Professional: Established by the Project Management Institute (PMI), it’s one of the most valued and respected credentials in project management. Earning and maintaining this certification demonstrates a solid foundation of experience in effectively managing projects.
  • MCSE – Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer: This Certification is the premier certification for professionals who analyze the business requirements and design and implement the infrastructure for business solutions based on the Microsoft Windows® 2000 platform and Microsoft server software.
  • CNE – Novell (Netware) Certified Engineer: This certification offers several benefits, including increased industry recognition. CNE gives you a wide variety of Network support skills that allow you to keep your company’s network running efficiently and with less downtime. Companies worldwide hire individuals with CNA certification based on the personalized, on-site administrative support CNAs provide NetWare users.
  • CCNA/E – Cisco Certified Network Administrator/Engineer: This certification is Cisco’s foundation-level networking certification. CCNA candidates should be able to successfully carry out any number of essential networking maintenance and troubleshooting duties such as installing, configuring and operating LAN, WAN and dial access services for small networks, as well as having good working knowledge of protocols such as IP, IGRP, Serial, Frame Relay, IP RIP, VLAN’s, Ethernet and Access Lists.
  • Information Systems Security Certifications: This certification designed to ensure that someone handling computer security for a company or client has mastered a standardized body of knowledge.
  • Database Certifications (e.g. Oracle, Sybase, SQL, Etc.): This certification states that recipients are able to successfully design, implement, and troubleshoot specific database solutions.

These are just a few, and now you have significant certifications for web/portal, e-business, e-commerce, and even Cloud computing.

Being certified has several benefits:

  • Being certified is similar to being pre-qualified for the job
  • Individuals with certifications typically can command salaries of several thousand dollars more per year
  • Certifications are proof of having knowledge of the latest and leading edge technologies and methodologies
  • Certifications increase your professional value
  • Certifications are proof of at least a basic knowledge of any positions you may be applying for and can often reduce the time of your job search

Depending on the technology or discipline, certifications can be costly running anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars for each certification. The benefits, however, far outweigh the monetary sacrifice.

Often times individuals working for companies see their peers with the same background and experience making more money strictly because of the various certifications they hold. One of the most beneficial aspects of certifications is that regardless of the economy or job loss, your certifications cannot be taken away, (unless you don’t renew), and can be carried with continuously providing you with opportunities. The key is to continue to keep your certifications current.

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