An Appreciation of Jeremy Rifkin and Technology Danger

By FredrickHobbs

In 2000 while researching my PhD Natural Health and the Biotech Revolution I read some startling revelations from author Jeremy Rifkin about dangers for mankind as the resources of the planet are being depleted at an alarming speed. Even more disturbing is the manipulation of nature at the cellular level. We are actually creating a new nature of nature. Scientists now alter plants, animals, and even humans at the genetic level of creation. The perceived good in doing that is to produce perfect humans, animals, and plants. Soils can be chemically controlled for higher selected nutrient uptake. Humans and animals that have propensity for specific disease can be altered in DNA. Recombinant biological technology makes it possible to clone, alter, and change both simple and complex life forms.

There is potential danger is quick evolution of life forms that could endanger all life on Earth. Rifkin tells us that the power that could unfold from biotechnological systems is awesome. Rifkin asks, “Who would define perfect? The idea of delegating that power into the hands of any man, company, or country poses a danger, even more powerful than our most sophisticated weapons.

Jeremy Rifkin is both the founder and president of the Foundation on Economic Trends (FOET), an international organization dealing with the global impact of new technologies. Rifkin founded his organization in 1977 and brings awareness of the issues through litigation, public education, and many organizations that have roots in the environment. He is currently advisor to Romano Prodi, President of the European commission, along with being a fellow of Wharton’s Executive Education Program since 1994. Rifkin is extremely influential on public policy throughout the entire world.

I appreciate the people like Jeremy Rifkin, who temper the tendency of man to chase innovation and profit without the best interest of man’s long term survival.